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TOKI Candy for weight loss

TOKI Candy for weight loss

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-  Green coffee: contains high levels of antioxidants, especially caffeine and chlorogenic acid, which are two important substances that help prevent starch absorption and reduce appetite, burn fat, and increase balance. blood sugar by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body

Chitosan: used to treat Crohn's disease, obesity and high blood cholesterol

-  Hibiscus Roselle extract: Helps treat abnormal blood lipids, reduces liver damage, inhibits fat absorption into the body, accelerates metabolism and increases energy consumption...

-  Hibiscus Roselle extract: Breaking the bonds of fat cell walls, further enhancing cellular metabolism by using fat as a type of energy for cells to function.

 You should only use TOKI once a day in the morning and after eating so that your body gets used to the product.

You can suck or chew 1 candy in the morning 30 minutes before eating or drink it all with water.

During the use of TOKI, you should add more water to help eliminate excess fat most effective 

✨Balanced body, compact figure
✨Prevents cravings
✨Supplement energy for 24 hours
✨Prevent excess fat from accumulating
✨Anti-calorie absorption
🌷Be more confident every day thanks to TOKI CANDY

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