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Moneyspeaks Abdominal Compression Board Belly Flattening Foam Pad Lipo Recovery AB Boards Post Surgery Liposuction Tummy Tuck

Moneyspeaks Abdominal Compression Board Belly Flattening Foam Pad Lipo Recovery AB Boards Post Surgery Liposuction Tummy Tuck

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Our AB board is One Size . If any questions, pls contact us first for assistance.


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SKIN-FRIENDLY LIPOSUCTION BOARD: MICOHPKLE post surgery ab board is made out of top-grade Polystyrene and covered by anti-allergic cotton outer layer fabric, featuring with excellent breathability. Length 18.89 inches & width 9.05 inches, this faja abdominal board is flexible enough to fully wrap your abdomen and both sides of your waist, an essential aid for post op recovery.

PROVIDE ABDOMINAL COMPRESSION: Our lipo foam compression board provides necessary pressure to avoid fibrosis or bruise after abdominal plastic surgery. The post surgery lipo foam board flattens stomach with firm control while maintaining comfort. Lipo foam pads also help boost skin retraction during post-op recovery. Wearing this lipo board under shapewear compression garment is much more helpful during recovery process.

SPEED UP POST SURGERY RECOVERY: This ab foam board is suitable for abdominal surgeries such as liposuction, tummy tuck and C-section, etc. This post lipo belly board helps reduce swelling & bruise, prevent fluids retention, contour irregularities after liposuction, assist loose skin in retracting or shrinking, relieve wound pain to accelerate healing process, let you have your healthy beautiful body back quickly.

EFFECTIVE BARRIER TO PROTECT SKIN: The belly flattening lipo board is designed with butterfly curve to ensure that it fits your whole abdominal area without any discomfort. This support board can work as a soft barrier between skin and compression garment to prevent rubbing your skin, or in case you're sensitive to the shapewear. The post surgery bbl board stays in place and hugs around your waist, helps reduce marks and creases while maintaining a flat abdomen.

LIPO FOAM PADS FOR EXTRAL SUPPORT: This abdominal board with a PP plastic hard board in the middle part to protect your abdomen from discomfort caused by long-term wearing of regular waist trainer after lipo/bbl surgery. The belly board helps you improve posture by keeping you stand / sit straighter. Lipo foam provides extra support on the loose skin after surgery, meanwhile helping you to reduce pain and all the discomfort you'll have after liposuction.

FLATTENING AB BOARD TO SMOOTH BELLY: The post surgery lipo foam board provides a firm control to flatten belly fat, smooth bumps & bulges, shrink belly and slim waist, reduce waistline and suck everything in right place. This tummy board is invisible under clothes, you can wear your beautiful outfits for many occasions. No one knows you're having a foam board underneath, but notice your attractive body curve.

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